A essential component utilised in several mechanical and industrial applications is a soft iron plug gasket. In a plug or fitting connection, it is often designed to establish a dependable and efficient seal between two mating surfaces. This gasket, which is made of soft iron, has excellent qualities that make it the perfect fit for particular applications.

The exceptional compressibility of soft iron plug gaskets enables them to adapt to inconsistencies and flaws on the mating surfaces. By ensuring a tight and leak-free seal, this feature stops fluids or gases from escaping under pressure. The malleability of the soft iron substance makes it simple to install and remove without harming the mating surfaces.

Furthermore, soft iron plug gaskets are appropriate for difficult situations due to their great temperature and pressure resistance. They can endure very high temperatures and keep performing as seals even when there are large pressure differences.
Due to their superior sealing properties, soft iron plug gaskets are commonly used in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, automotive, and plumbing. They find application in various equipment, including pipelines, valves, pumps, engines, and hydraulic systems.

MaterialHB HardnessTemperature LimitationsIdentification
Soft Iron90-60 to +400 °CD
Low carbon steel120-40 to +500°CS
4%-6% Cr ½% Mo:F5130-125 to +500°CF5
Stainless steel 304/304L160-250 to +650°CS304 or 304L
Stainless steel 316/316L160-196 to +800°CS316 or 316L
Stainless steel 321160-250 to +870°CS321
Stainless steel 347160-250 to +870°CS347
Stainless steel 410170-20 to +500°CS410
Inconel 6251000°C625
Incoloy 8251000°C825
Hastelloy C-2761000°CC-276

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